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When my husband R was alive, we had this tradition that on Sunday we would have parathas and omelette for breakfast, and a rice pulao for lunch. The rice pulao was cooked with mutton, chic peas and raisins. We never deviated from this ritual. It was like I was carrying over the traditional food of my own childhood. 

R loved parathas. If he had his way, we would have been eating them everyday. It would have been too grueling for me to make them daily. When he had his open heart surgery (ninety eight percent of his arteries were clogged) the doctor told him that he should stop having egg yolks. He only abstained for a month. He couldn’t forgo his omelette.

Another tradition was getting up late on Sundays. We would get up to say our Fajr prayer, then go to sleep again to wake up at ten. Then I had to rush through everything, so Sunday was a really hectic day for me.

With Son having parathas is a thing of the past. There was a time when he thought that to forgo a paratha was a big crime. He is concerned now that eating it is not healthy, and I’m happy that I don’t have to cook it for his sake.



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Keema and Karalay

Amrit asked for this recipe.
For those who don’t know what Keema and Karalay means: keema means finely minced meat, and karalay is bitter gourd.
If you are totally vegetarian forego the meat. If you don’t eat beef or mutton you can use minced breast of chicken.

For the recipe I had the following ingredients:
300 grams Keema
4 bitter gourd
Salt and red chillies (the amount you like)
Haldi (turmeric) 1tea spoon
Coriander 2 tea spoons
2 large size onions
2 large size tomatoes
Garlic 8 large cloves minced
Ginger 1 inch piece minced
Olive oil, or any oil you use. Oil 2 serving spoons, or as you like
First thing is to scrape the outer skin from the bitter gourds while whole.



Then you slit the bitter gourd open and remove the inner seeds. Scrape the white pith too. Boil them till tender.

Drain the water. Squeeze them and chop them finely.

Sauté one onion in oil till light brown. Add minced garlic, and ginger. Fry for a little bit of time. Add turmeric, coriander, red pepper and salt. Fry for a few seconds. Add minced meat. Keep on stirring and break the lumps till it is browned.

Now add the karalay. Mix and keep stirring. Finally add 1 finely chopped onion, and 2 chopped tomatoes to the mix.


Stir the mixture. Put the lid on the cooking pot. Turn the heat low. After ten minutes your keema karalay is ready.
Serve it with Roti, or bread.