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I meaninglessly wander in Walmart, while Son talks with a neighbor from his former neighborhood. From previous experience I know he is going to talk for a while, and unless he finishes his natter, we won’t leave, though we are done with shopping.

Telling Son I would be in the tables’ area, I look for a writing table. I badly need one, but I have been putting it off. I will be using it for two purposes — writing, and sewing.With the recent buying of a sewing machine, the matter has become some how urgent. I can’t keep removing my sewing from the dinning table when it’s time for meals. It’s really bothersome.

The ones available are not to my liking. I will look for it somewhere else, when next time Son is available to go with me to the shops. Meanwhile I wait for him to finish his talks, and idly look at the merchandise trying to occupy myself.



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The Open Doorway

The lady next door opened her door. Trough a little crack, she looked at me. I needed to ask her a few questions, that’s why I had knocked at her door. I am moving, and wanted information about how much rent a tenant pay so as to get some idea about how much I would be asking.

Neighbors do knock at each other doors in time of need. Like once my downstairs neighbor knocked at 10 pm at night. She wanted to know whether we were smoking. That was in February, and I had newly moved in. My daughter was still with me. She was about to leave in a couple of days. We assured the neighbor that we had never done any smoking during our whole life. Her apartment had smoke in it and she was trying to find the cause of it.

My next door lady and I had met outside a few times. She would bring her dog outside for a run. I had asked her at that time. “How many times you need to bring your dog out?” I was feeling curious. She had replied, thrice a day, and once during night. At heart I had wondered at her stamina.

She is a widow just like me, and living on her own. She shifted at the same time (three months back) as myself to a new beginning. 

Going back to the day I knocked at her door, she didn’t remove her chain. She was so paranoid as if she didn’t know me beforehand. Her action was deflating to say the least. Apparently she couldn’t give me a few minutes of her time. Seeing her reaction I quickly excused myself and left.




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Life Without Mirrors

Daily Prompt: The Mirror Crack’d
You wake up one morning to a world without mirrors. How does your life — from your everyday routines to your perception of yourself — change?

This is the second time this week the WordPress grid won’t work for me. It won’t show my blog.


It is interesting that today there is a daily prompt about a mirror. Yesterday my daughter bought a mirror for my room here. I have hung it over the closet door (inside).

I have lived this past year without a mirror in my room (there is a wall size mirror in the bathroom). It wasn’t like I was without a mirror. There has been a time in my life, when we were without mirrors for a year.

We had left our furniture in storage, on one posting to a far off place. The home we got was an old one. There were no mirrors in the bathrooms. With two toddlers in tow, I never thought of a mirror. I didn’t have time to look in a mirror.

One thing I am used to now is looking into a mirror to check my teeth after meals. If mirrors went missing, I would be smiling not knowing about the food stuck to my teeth. With all the flossing I do, this calamity happens to me quite regularly.

When I buy some new clothes I check in a mirror to see whether they suit me. Without mirrors I won’t know.


Contemplating life without mirrors? I won’t even think of it.