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A Movie 🎥 to Watch

Today during Fajr Prayers I was snoozing — despicable! Isn’t it?

The alarm rang, but I didn’t get up. Thankfully Son saved me from hell, and damnation. Seeing no light under my door 🚪, he rapped at it, and asked, “Mama! Have you said your prayer?”

“No”, I bolted from bed, and rushed to the bathroom. If he had not woken me, I would have missed my prayer.

I had a late night — result of seeing a movie. After my walk, I washed the dishes, and tidied up the kitchen after removing the last remnants of our evening meal. I sat down to enjoy my huge bowl of ice cream, and watch the movie Nola (my daughter) had recommended.

Before Son had gone to sleep 💤, I had remembered to ask him for the password. Son had changed the password the past week, and forgot to tell me. For the past few months I had not bothered to watch any movies on Netflix.

A night earlier I couldn’t sleep. I switched on Netflix on my iPhone 📱. I could only see the locked sign of a 🔑 on every show, and movie. I couldn’t go, and wake up Son as he had to get early to his job. I had meant to ask him when he returned, but forgot. Anyway for this movie I signed in with the new password. My name appeared on the screen of my IPad for me to unlock.

It’s a light hearted movie —- definitely a chicks flick, different from the usual run of movies. It has been adapted from from a book by the same name. All is well that ends well.

To Banish Blues

Daily Prompt: Make Me Smile
If you’re feeling blah, what is the one thing you do that you can count on to put a smile on your face?


When my husband R was alive, the first thing I did was to tell him about any problem I was facing. Most of the time, I wasn’t even aware of a problem. He liked to shield me of worries. The first day of his death and burial, was shock and crying. The second day was the realization that I had to face the world on my own, and that I was alone and defence less.

I take God as my friend. I talk to him, when things go wrong, and I ask Him for help. A quick prayer to Him soothes me.

I immerse myself in a book. Nowadays I read light fiction with happy endings. I stay clear of murders or intrigue stories. I forget my own difficulties, and get lost in the book. I get a respite.

I call my daughter. Nola is a very level headed person. She doesn’t get fazed easily. She looks for solutions. After talking to her, the acceptance comes, and the feelings of panic subsides.

I lie down to sleep. When I wake up, I am refreshed. The situation doesn’t seems that threatening. The sleep clears up my head.

Find something light on Netflix and the movie makes me forget my problem for a while.

This is sweet and funny on YouTube. I hope the link works.

To Banish Blues