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Leaving, and Left

Wrote this earlier, but didn’t post:

At the end of June, Son and I will be leaving New Bedford, Massachusetts. I’m really sad. I don’t want to leave, whereas Son says that I can’t live alone, either I have to live with Nola (my daughter), or him.

One reason I don’t want to leave is: I get attached to a place wherever I live. It becomes heart wrenching. I will miss the cool air, and the seagulls, and the ocean. I will miss the snow fall.

I never thought that in a year’s time I will be leaving this place. Everything was so nearby: the post office, my bank, the library, and my healthcare. All were within walking distance. I don’t think we are ever getting a place to live elsewhere like the one we had here.

School building

St Luke hospital

An old church. In New Bedford there were churches on every corner.


My library which was at a short distance from our apartment.

Buildings in New Bedford were very old, eighteenth and nineteenth century constructions.


Have been traveling since Tuesday. The last two days were spent thoroughly cleaning the apartment. I have come to the conclusion that it’s bone tiring — all that packing, and cleaning. We are on the last leg of our journey, and are spending the night at daughter’s place.

Tomorrow Insha’Allah we will be reaching our new place. Hope we never have to leave again.

Leaving Time

The New Bedford Library is a few minutes walk from where Son, and I live. Tomorrow is my due date to return the books I got from it. One of those books is Leaving Time by Jodi Picoult. Back home I have got quite a collection of her books. She is one of my favorite authors.

I like her books, but there is one thing I don’t, and that is being sad. When I was younger I read all sorts of books, and could take everything in stride — sadness, death, murders and mysteries. Now all I can take is comfort in reading that the hero, and heroine got their happy after. I don’t want to read gory ends.

Jodi’s books make profound readings. Leaving Time is all about elephants, and a girl named Jenna who searches for her vanished mother till she finds her. While reading the book I learnt more about elephants, which previously I didn’t know.

I loved elephants during childhood. One of my dream was to get an elephant for a pet. My brother Lala who is eight years older than me would exploit it to no end. He only had to say that my elephant needed something I had, and I would hand it over to him unquestionably.

Mughal Kings during their time if they wanted to sentence someone, would gift a white elephant. The elephant required huge amounts of money for their upkeep, and soon the recipient of the king’s favor was reduced to poverty.

My mythical elephant still strolls the banks of River Jhelum, though Lala doesn’t requires me to give gifts for him.


North Scituate. On the way to Hartford.


When Son accepted a job at Cape Cod, both of us had mixed feelings. We were happy that he would be no longer jobless. I was bearing the burnt of it, and watching my account dwindling to zero. The second uppermost feeling was utter wretchedness at leaving Houston. Son never wanted to leave Houston, but what could he do? He wasn’t getting one to his liking.

His children lived in Houston with his ex. By moving away, he wouldn’t be able to see them very often—specially IB (the youngest one). I was extremely sad when saying farewell to him. I shed tons of tears before leaving, knowing it would be quite a while before I could see IB again.

We thought we would be living in Fall River. It had such a lovely sound to it, whereas the sound of New Bedford (where at present we live) wasn’t very charming.

Recently Son asked me to accompany him to Hartford for a change. We were passing through Fall River, and I espied a strange looking dome. “What is that?” I asked. “A cooling tower”, was Son’s reply. Oops! the water from it drained into the river, and lakes.

” Isn’t it toxic?”

Why can’t they build Nuclear Energy Plants away from human habitations?


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Snow storm outside


We (Son and I) were looking forward to a visit from Nola (my daughter). Last we saw her was in Houston, about six months back. She came for a brief visit from Dallas. We were eyes deep in packing. Son had accepted a job offer in Cape Cod, and we were moving. Originally we thought we would make Fall River our home. Son searched for apartments, when he came back from Peshawar at the end of December. His joining time was 6th January. He didn’t find any suitable apartment, and decided to rent one in New Bedford.

Nola let us know that her stay was going to be brief, and she was staying for only two nights —March twenty first, and twenty second. Along came a warning for a blizzard. I was busy in the kitchen cooking her favorite foods, so missed her text about coming.

I kept glancing outside, and getting worried at the ensuing storm outside, and how she would drive from Boston in it. I wish I had seen her text earlier in which she said that she had postponed her coming. I was worrying myself needlessly. Anyway it was better to be safe than sorry. The storm was raging over Boston that day, and flights got cancelled.

Today I was thinking how quickly time has passed since last I saw my daughter!



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