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Not A Wanderer

Daily Prompt: The Wanderer
Tell about the top five places you’ve always wanted to visit. Go!

What a coincidence! Today I am flying to Boston to meet my daughter, after a gap of almost a year. I am so looking forward to seeing her, and the new baby. Her flight from Paris will be reaching one and a half hour earlier than mine. Hopefully, she will be through custom and immigration, by the time I reach.

My daughter has lined up so many places in and around Boston for me to see. She and her husband are the real wanderers. They love to see new places, and keep on moving, from place to place.

When they are in one place, they are always planning on outings to different nearby locations. I call them nomads. At a whim, they sell everything, or give away their belongings, and move.

I would love to see Malayasia, Japan and Turkey. Someone has to be on my back to make me go anywhere. I am not a wanderer by nature. I have to get motivated by someone to visit new places.

Not A Wanderer