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Nah to Nono

Literate for a Day
by Ben Huberman
Someone or something you can’t communicate with through writing (a baby, a pet, an object) can understand every single word you write today, for one day only. What do you tell them?

I was a novice mother when I had my first child, with no mother to guide me. I did the preparation by reading books on babies. Nothing prepares you for motherhood, till you deal with your first child.

I pity the first child, because of all the experiments you do in learning how to be a parent. By the second one, you have gained enough experience, and don’t feel over whelmed.

My son’s nicknames have been changing over the years. I was calling him Nono then.

When he started crawling, I had to watch out all the time, when he was awake. His favorite was our books, and magazines rack. I had to empty the lower shelves where his hands could reach.

When he would crawl to his favorite place, and start tearing at things, I would say “Nah”, which means No in Pushto.

He would stare at me for a few moments, then go back to whatever he intended to do.