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To the Rescue

The Okra Plants

A few days back, there was a mild storm. Because of incessant rain, I didn’t go out in the backyard. I got a reprieve from watering the veggies, and other plants. I spent the time bingeing on movies on Netflix. It was the third day, I ventured out. Imagine my consternation on finding the okra plants in total prostration on the ground. If I had known, I would have gone to their rescue.

For a minute I was flummoxed 😶 on what to do? Son was in Sacramento, California, and I was on my own. Gradually my senses resurfaced. I needed to find nails, so I could hammer 🔨 them into the fence, and then tie the okra plants to make them stand. There are two sets of these plants. The second set was already leaning into the fence, so they weren’t sagging into the ground.

A quick tour of the garage, and then Son’s bedroom, and closet didn’t yield the whereabouts of Son’s toolbox (the search for nails). Giving up, I was looking at the plants in frustration. And then my mind flooded with relief. There was no need for nails. I could tie the plants to the fence with the polyester thread I had. It’s not actually a thread, but not a rope — something in between, and that’s what I did.

In between, I kept glancing fearfully at the lizard 🦎 like thing in the okra plant. It was green, but much prettier than a lizard. Nether the less, I was afraid 😱 it might decide to jump at me, and what the ….. I was going to do ? Thankfully I was spared from that evil fate. The okras are standing as you can see them in the photo.