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I can’t multitask as some brainy people can. I can only remain focused on one thing at a time. If I deviate from my usual norm, I do it at a risk of committing a mistake. I can only pay attention to one thing at a time. 

I can’t write when someone near me is talking, or there is a lot of noise. When I’m driving I don’t like it when someone diverts my attention. While I’m cooking I can make one dish at a time. Whenever I have tried making two, or three dishes, one thing is certain that inadvertently I end up with a burnt offering.

Son likes marmalade on his bread when he is having his breakfast. Yesterday he brought a bagful of oranges home. For the evening meal I was making fried okra. Everything had been done, and was now in the pan on low heat. I could now concentrate on cutting the oranges for the marmalade.

Removing the pith from the skin of the oranges was a difficult job. As I finished doing it, I remembered the okra. I rescued it from burning just in time, otherwise it would have been a disaster. It was a lucky escape from preparing some other food for the evening meal.



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