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Life is a mystery from cradle to grave

What lies ahead you never know

Life in the womb, then life outside

Step by step it unfolds you know

Some on the right path, some on the wrong

Life follows an unknown ebb, and flow

Getting through it is a struggle alright

But life is a gift on us bestow




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I tried to wait patiently for the expected delivery, but it was a trying wait for me. My sister had told me days earlier that she had bought two shirts for me, and was sending them by mail. When Son would come home with the post, usually my first question would be related to it. Though he must have grown tired of my questioning, he would say, “Mama it hasn’t arrived”.

We weren’t home the next two days. I thought maybe the parcel has been left at the management office. Our mail boxes are smaller in size, so when anything bigger than a letter comes, it’s left with the management. I asked Son to find out, but there wasn’t any delivery left with them.

The same evening when I got up, it was lying there on the table. I excitedly tore it open. My sister had sent me two shirts, one was a black printed cotton material, and the other was a blue printed one, both in medium sizes. They were perfect. As usual with her she had sent me a Michael Kors purse along with the shirts.

The next day another shirt arrived, and when I opened the package, I got a lovely grey shirt. Sister was bent on surprising me, because the very next day, I received another package. This one was off white with a beautiful panel of black flowers on the front side.

God Bless her with health and happiness, cause she sent me the type of shirts I wanted to have, and they weren’t available where I live.



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What I liked

Most women like to buy jewelry, clothes,lingerie, shoes and branded handbags. I am sure there may be other stuff too, but at the moment my recall has reached the low level, or say zero point. For myself, I loved crockery. I could never get enough of it. Whenever I saw a piece to my liking, I had to have it. I used to gather dishes and cups the way a person hoards money.

The cupboards in my kitchen and the floor to ceiling display in my dinning room were filled to capacity. My husband would often shake his head at my crammed spaces. My friends and children knowing that I liked crockery as a gift, also bought items to my liking. Once, my daughter’s children had to carry a Lazy Susan with five dishes all the way from America to Pakistan. They were ready to ditch the heavy package in route, but my daughter didn’t let them, much to their disgust.

A few months after my husband passed away, I decided to divide the house into two portions. I moved to the upper portion. It had two bedrooms with attached bathrooms, a small spare room and a long verandah in front. My husband had added another kitchen upstairs on the side of the terrace. There was a servant room with bathroom to one side of it too.

I had to part with most of my beloved items. There was no space for them upstairs. I gave away most of my things, much to the delight of my friends and relatives. In the beginning I had terrible pangs of regret, but thankfully they have subsided. My son would often say to me, “mama,you are allowed only two pieces of baggage by air. All your stuff is going to be left behind, you can never carry it with you.” So true.

Below is a picture of my favorite cups, which I used in rotation for my morning cup of tea.