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After journeying back to Houston, the days before, and after were tiring. Mentally, and physically I was exhausted. I was trying to catch up on sleep. A few days back, feeling very tired and sleepy, eschewing evening meals, I asked him not to disturb me when he came back from his evening prayers in the mosque. I told him clearly if the light was off, it meant I was asleep, he should heat his meal himself, and no sounds please!

Enter son, and the first thing he bellowed, “Mom, what’s for dinner?” Getting no answer from me, he opened my bedroom’s door, turned on the light and asked, “Why are you sleeping at this time?”

Tell me what should I have said? 

Feeling peevish, I got up from bed groggily. I curtailed my annoyance at his waking me. I put the supper on the table, and called him. I asked him, “Did you listen to what I had told you– not to wake me?” 

“Sorry, I didn’t hear it. You can go to sleep now”.  

I could only grind my teeth in exasperation.



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