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Nothing is perfect

I have found out

A person I deemed perfect

Turned out imperfect

A home I thought perfect

Had hidden defects

A person I trusted

Was wanting in trust

Now where do I look for perfection?

Not to myself

I am no more perfect than the rest of us





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A Change for the Better


Please bear up with a rant from me.

People change as the years pass into oblivion. Some of them are wise, they change into better humans; while others develop their most hateful traits into perfection.

As the years traverse their known trajectories, these obnoxious ones start thinking they are demi-gods. Whatever uttering comes out from their precious mouths are the sacred tablets of Moses (that’s what they think! The rest of the world can go to hell).

They shut their ears to reasoning. They clearly hear (only) their own devious desires.

These people are not only guided by their own gibbering, they have (blessed!) close relatives, and friends who further aid them into madness.

Why can’t they grow up, and be better humans?

A Change for the Better