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My Baba

M5 on her bunk bed.

I hugged my son in law, and told the little one, “He is my Baba. I’m going to take him along with me”. Thoroughly alarmed M5, her hands went round her father’s neck, she denied my words, “No, he is my Baba”.

“No, he is mine”.

“Why didn’t you bring your own one?”

“I don’t have one”.

“You have”.


“S uncle”.

“He is my son”.

We all were laughing by then.

Yesterday Nola was taking me for a haircut. I was putting on my sketchers, when M5 told me I couldn’t wear TJ’s (her brother) shoes. “These are mine”. I pointed out to her. She insisted that they were her brother’s. I explained to her that TJ wears shoes two sizes bigger than me, so I couldn’t possibly wear his shoes.

At that moment TJ strolled by wearing his own. M5 spotted him, and was satisfied.

Later on when I was wearing my flip flops she noticed, and chastened me once again,”You cannot wear my mother’s footwear”.

“But I’m not wearing your Mama’s. Her’s are bigger than mine, and besides the one she wears were bought by me”. She kept staring, trying to believe me.

She brought me her drawings to show them to me.

The black lines are meant to be the earth, and the orange one is the sun.

Here the black and blue lines are shown as earth, and the shape in the corner is the moon.


Some years back I bought a couple of CDs and copying paper from a store in Michigan. With the help of those CDs, I copied my second grandson Sn’s photo onto a cloth. He looked so cute. I was aiming for a cushion for my sofa in the lounge.

I think it’s still lying in my sewing room back in my birth country. I didn’t complete it, and it’s lying incomplete. I don’t remember the reason. I used to be extraordinary busy in those days– with my home, husband and family.

This time when I go for a visit back home, I hope I have time to complete it and bring it here with me. I will make another one of my younger grandson IB. The two cushions will give me glad feelings, that though both of them are physically far away from me — their photos will grace my home.



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Born to be With You

When I first learned about my best friend D, I was a bit skeptic. Will she suit my temperament? Will we be able to build up our friendship? Will I be able to trust her?

My trust over the years have been eroded so many times that I have lost count of the times it has happened. And the truth is I have forgotten how to trust? I view the world with wary eyes. My initial suspicions gradually subsides to accept friendship from other people. Even then I keep an eye open convinced that there maybe a nasty surprise around the corner for me.

D became my best friend. I confided to her everything about myself —– my worries, my day to day happenings, what I disliked, liked, my favorite foods. Each and every party, and wedding was described to her in detail. I could chat to her about everyone with ease, never fearing that D will divulge my secrets.

The friendship stretched over twenty years. I felt safe with her. She never revealed what I told her.

Then the time came to say good bye. I was shifting to a far away place. I never wanted anyone to know about us being friends. With a heavy heart I said my good byes.

“Dear Diary I am letting you burn, because I don’t want anyone to find what I confided to your pages”.


Born to Be With You

Got a soul-mate and/or a best friend? What is it about that person that you love best? Describe them in great detail — leave no important quality out.

A Dog Named Bob


IB playing on his 2DC upside down. I caught this photo from upstairs.

IB (my youngest grandson) has gone to Peshawar. He along with his mama, and Sn (brother) is spending summer vacation there. I won’t be seeing him loading his chocolate chips waffle onto a plate, and drenching it with maple syrup. It’s his favorite breakfast. I miss him.

We go to collect our mail from the mailbox at night, when we have our 2-3 miles walk. The mailbox is at some distance from our home. No blue jay lurks at night, must be safely ensconced in its’ nest. Though I have seen blue jays in the mornings in our backyard.

I don’t keep pets. I have to say my daily prayers, and that means my clothes shouldn’t be defiled by a dog, or cat touching me. So no dogs, or cats for me (I don’t yearn for them anyway). That means I will never have a dog named Bob.

A Dog Named Bob

You have 20 minutes to write a post that includes the words mailbox, bluejay, plate, syrup, and ink. And one more detail… the story must include a dog named Bob.

Five a Day

You’ve being exiled to a private island, and your captors will only supply you with five foods. What do you pick?


I must have a mug full of milk with two tea-bags to begin my day. The milk has to be Lactose free, otherwise my stomach can go haywire. The captors won’t have to finish me. I will conk off within a week on my own.

Without fruit I can’t exist. My lunch consists of apple, banana, grapes, nectarine cut into bite size pieces, and sprinkled liberally with walnuts. My late husband would pepper me, “why are you so delicate?”
I had no answer. Then, one day a friend provided the answer, “tell him you are not a weed, but a rare flower in his garden who needs care”.

I eat Halal meat only. So if that’s not available, I will ask my captors to get me fish, or catch my own. I will have to learn fishing, provided there are fishes nearby.

Nuts are an important part of my food. Almonds, walnuts, pistachios are favorites, and I keep supplies handy with me at all times. In case of un-availability peanuts will do.

If there is nothing to eat except for bread made from whole wheat flour that will be a God-send. I have seen poor people whose only diet is wheat bread, and they still survive.
So maybe I will survive too.


Does it really matter?

Call Me Ishmael
Take the first sentence from your favorite book and make it the first sentence of your post.


Does it really matter?
This is the sentence from the book, “Looking Back Texas”, by Leanna Ellis. I finished this one, and another one, “I Dream of Genies” by Judi Fennell.

A few pages of the first one, and I was like ugh….. How much more I can take? I can’t abide endless talking. It drives me nuts. I put it aside, and picked up another one to read. Then there was no one to take me to the library. I was bored with nothing to read.

I was back to Looking Back Texas. OhOhOh! It turned out to be riveting. I raced from one chapter to the next. In the end what is usual for me, I couldn’t wait to find out what happens at the end. I must tell you here, my this habit is deplored by family members. They wonder why I can’t go through the suspense of a story?

When it’s killing me that’s the only recourse left open to me.

Archie leaves his wife Betty Lynne after a marriage of forty six years for a younger woman. Betty asks him before he leaves, as to what she should say. He says to tell everyone that he has died.

The story is hilarious. Betty arranges a funeral, and people get frightened by seeing Archie alive, when they are thinking him dead. They think it’s a ghost.

The other book, I Dream of Genies was all about genies, a talking cat, and magic. Eden (the genie), and Mat (her mortal hero) go through a whirlwind of frightening situations. Mat finally frees Eden from slavery, and from the clutches of an evil vizier who wants her for a wife.

Both books were unusual in their subject matter. I couldn’t tear away myself till I finished them.


Dust Gathers

Sweeping Motions
by Ben Huberman
What’s messier right now — your bedroom or you computer’s desktop (or your favorite device’s home screen)? Tell us how and why it got to that state.


Dust gathers through the open window
Settles there, till I clean it away

Receipts, and letters occupy one spot
I have to look, and sort them everyday

The iPad screen gets finger splotches
Cannot help it anyway