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Into the Sandstorm

Daily prompt: Sudden Downpour
It was sunny when you left home, so you didn’t take an umbrella. An hour later, you’re caught in a torrential downpour. You run into the first store you can find — it happens to be a dark, slightly shabby antique store, full of artifacts, books and dust. The shop ancient proprietor walks out of the back room to greet you. Tell us what happens next!


I look with dismay at the short, ugly man who has suddenly materialized in front of me. I feel at a loss for words. He mistakes me for someone he must have been expecting.

Now who in right mind would enter his shop, unless that person did have any business with him?

He beckoned me towards the books section. “Come”, he said when he noticed I wasn’t following him. I took hesitant steps in his direction. He searched for a few seconds, then took out a dusty volume from a shelf. There were layers of dust on it. I coughed, and choked on the dust, as he shook the book to dissipate the dust. It enveloped, and clung to me.

He held the book out, and thrust it into my unwilling hands. I was opening it when his shout startled me, “Noooooooo….. You take it home.”

It was like telling me to leave. I picked my way through the artifacts, and was out in the rain again. I pushed the book inside my coat to save it from the rain. A taxi cruised to a stop beside me. I gratefully opened the door, and gave directions to the driver for home.

Once I reached home, I went into the kitchen. I draped my coat on a chair, and sat down to open the book. Some strange power made me do it, as if it was in a great hurry.

The first page was empty. I turned the page. There was a picture of a hot sun shinning on a barren desert. Right in front of my eyes a sandstorm started. I was whooshed into the picture. The grains of sand hit me, and I was blinded. I couldn’t see anything.

As if from faraway I could hear my bewildered father saying, “Now where is she? I saw her going to the kitchen.”

Into the Sandstorm

Holding Onto Memories

Daily Prompt: Going Obsolete
Of all the technologies that have gone extinct in your lifetime, which one do you miss the most?


I miss VCR the most. I have a lot of cassettes lying around. Some of them are of programs I loved watching on TV, but most of them are videos. I made many videos of my husband and children.

I kept two VCRs. They are of no use now. I found out the last time, I tried to use them.

I was alone and feeling lonely. I took out some cassettes. I badly wanted to recapture those moments with my husband and children. I hooked up one of the VCR to the TV. I kept on jabbing at the play button. It didn’t work. I took out the other VCR. It didn’t work either. I was so dissapointed.

Those videos contain memories of my life. In one of them, my husband is dancing to Pushto music. R loved Pushto music. Once, I told my mother-in-law. She didn’t believe me, till I showed her the video. She thought, I was making it up.

In one video, my daughter has her finger in the ice filled waters of Kalam. R had a bet with Nola, if she held one finger in, for five minutes, he was giving her five thousand. She held on for three minutes only.

In another video, both my children are jumping like Kangaroos, in Naran.

Those were fun filled moments.

Holding Onto Memories

Life Without You

Daily Prompt: Pride and Joy
What’s your most prized possession? Go!

At the moment, it’s my drawing pen with which I draw. I don’t know, without it, how I would have drawn anything.

The last six days have been chaotic. I went to Boston to meet my daughter. I got back yesterday evening. Back to hometown Houston. After I emptied my bags, and put everything away, I looked at the daily prompt. By that time, it was already 6p.m. I wanted to draw a face for yesterday’s prompt, the pen was nowhere to be seen.

For a moment, I was going to have a heart attack. Don’t worry, it wasn’t real. I get panic attacks over every worry, which comes my way. I was relieved, when I finally found it. It lay hidden in the folds of my bag.

Oh! My sweetheart, what would I have done without you.


Life Without You

Moments In Life

Daily Prompt: Moments to Remember
What are the three most memorable moments — good or bad, happy or sad — in your life? Go!


Beautiful Moment
When I became a mother for the first time. The joy which filled my heart was indescrible.


Sad Moment
The day my daughter got married, and I realized my life would never be the same. She wouldn’t be, where I was. Whenever I see the video, (which is very rare) the moment her in-laws escort her in their midst, my head goes down and I start sobbing, exactly the way I sobbed at her going away.

Happy Moment
The birth of my first grandson Humzah.

Sad Moment
My son leaving for US to do his Masters in Electrical Engineering.

Happy Moment
The birth of my grandson TJ, my daughter’s son.


Sad Moment
The death of my husband, knowing we were parting in this life.

Moments In Life


If I Was A Mayor

Daily Prompt: We Built this City
What do you love most about the city/town/place that you live in? What do you like the least about it? If you were mayor, what would be the most important problem you’d tackle? How would you tackle it?


I live in the city of Houston. It’s a large city, too large for my taste. I am a small town person where everyone knows everyone else. The most pressing problems are good schools and too congested roads.

Houston is a warm city. You don’t have to face snow storms like other cities in the North. It’s good for my arthritis. Although the children were excited when they learned there was going to be snow. They waited but alas their expectations came to naught. We are having cold weather but that’s it. But the weather is fickle, fluctuating from 77 degrees to 42.

City of Houston. Photo Credit: Google.

If I was a mayor, what would I have done
Tackling the problems, one by one
Better environment, roads and schools
Finding solutions, I would have won

If I Was A Mayor

A Little Girl’s Story


The girl in the picture reminds me of myself at that age. My elder brother (he was eight years elder than me) and I, we used to be the only two people at home. Our mother had died a few years earlier, and our father was immersed in his work. He spent little time with us. He left us usually to our own devices as to how we spent our time. It was our summer break.

My brother had brought me to this play area in the park. I had great fun in riding on Tigger, Winnie the Pooh and Rabbit. There was a green Thingy, looking mean with a long nose. I didn’t like him one bit even. My brother was talking to some boys his age. I never noticed when he walked away. I was busy enjoying the rides. I didn’t realize he was no longer there. When I alighted I didn’t see him. I was near tears, feeling panicky and wondering where he was?

I kept waiting where he left me. I was feeling all horrible, wondering how I will reach home when I realized someone was speaking to me. “Little girl would you like a cold Icee?” I turned and saw a man smiling down at me. Remembering what my brother used to tell me, “Never accept anything from strangers,” I told him, “No, thank you.” But insides me I would have loved a cold drink. “Have you come here alone?” He asked again, darting glances here and there. I didn’t like him at all, like the green thingy. I don’t know what made me say, “See, there is my father,” I pointed to a man standing in a group, a little away from us. That made him slunk away. I didn’t like telling a fib but my brother had told me never to talk with strangers.

That was the longest hour of my life. Meanwhile my brother after meeting his friends totally forgot about me. He reached home when he realized where he had left me. It must have shaken the life out of him. When he came back, at the sight of his face I burst into tears. He was himself fighting tears, as he hugged me. In his heart he must have been thanking God, who watched over me and kept me safe.

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A picture is worth a 1000 words.
A Little Girl Story