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A Shopping Spree

Where would you go on a shopping spree?

To Home Depot, or Lowe, or any garden center where I could buy all the plants I want. There are a number of plants, and containers I like, but I have to look at my budget.

Top at the list is a garden bench I have wanted for a long, long time. Although I’m paying for it, Son invents excuses for not buying. The latest is that it might fall on Maryam (grand daughter) when she is playing outside. First of all she is never outside without supervision. Then it is so heavy, I can’t budge it, so how can a toddler who is one year, and three months old, will be able to dislodge it, and cause it to fall?

Either of these two benches will be acceptable. Now who is going to convince Son?

My Plants

I have been away from home, because my dentist is in Dallas. It was the last step on my implant getting a crown for it. I got back last Sunday. Before going I requested Son, and wife to look after my indoor, outdoor plants, and vegetables patch in my absence. Son, thankfully came back for me to bring me home, otherwise I would had to travel by bus.

Nola (daughter) dislikes my plants. I won’t stay for longer periods because of my plants. She would like me to forget them, which I can’t. They are living things. If they are not looked after properly, they die. Son keeps busy because of his job (he is in Arizona for a day). I have asked him time, and again to get me a sprinkler system, but he hasn’t got around to do it. At the moment I’m patiently waiting for that to happen.

Alas my worst fears were realized. Most of the flowers, and vegetables seedlings disappeared. Others were shriveled due to lack of water. Whenever I asked Coco (daughter in law), she would say it has been raining almost every single night since I left. I would feel relief at nature taking care of my babies. She mistook the condensation on windows (in the mornings when you draw back the curtains) for rain. How could one even think that way? I’m thankful—- the inner ones survived.

The Implant

It’s my third week in Dallas. A few days before coming, one of my tooth broke. I like whole almonds. They taste much better if their outer shell is removed just before you eat them. Same is the case with walnuts. I didn’t take any precaution in not cracking the almonds with my teeth. Shouldn’t have used my teeth as a nut cracker. I can call myself all kind of stupid names now, but I had it coming. A broken tooth was the end result.

I tried to get an appointment with a dentist in Houston. The clinic couldn’t give me an earlier appointment. After coming to Dallas, my tooth started getting more painful. I could no longer put off seeing a dentist. After getting x rayed, the verdict was getting an implant. Son was of the opinion that since I lived in Houston, I should be having my tooth fixed there. We forwarded the tooth x ray there, but the clinic said they could do the extraction, but I would have to get an implant elsewhere.

At the last minute, I didn’t want to part with my broken tooth, but the doctor said my tooth had already a root canal done before, so my half tooth couldn’t be saved. Besides there was an abscess beneath it. I never knew how dreadful it is the first day, and night. The blood wouldn’t stop. I went to sleep with difficulty knowing the blood would be going down my throat. Felt like a vampire. I woke up the next morning with congealed blood in my mouth. Simply horrible!

After my bone heals the next part will happen after a period of three, and a half months. I will have to take a trip to Dallas then. Nola has no intentions of leaving me in Houston, once she takes me there in the coming week. I have been making all type of excuses like not having summer clothes, footwear etc. She is trying to make me promise that after gathering things I need from home I will come back with her.

I miss my home. Son has already given me the bad news that all my flowers, and plants have died in my absence. It negates the hours I put in the whole year in caring for them. First I was absent for a period of two months when I went to Peshawar, and now I’m away in Dallas. The indoor ones are still surviving, but for how long ? My son, and daughter in law mostly remain away from home for five to six days a week.

Nola says why do I want to come back to an empty house? What to say!

A Memo to Myself

It’s hard to feel rejuvenated when you are bitten by a bug, the area becomes red and itchy, and you hope it won’t detoriate further into something else. I am looking with trepidation at my left hand and left foot, asking myself why did I go outside?

I went outside to get a photo of roses. There were so many dried ones still hanging on. I went inside to get a bag and scissors. Operation de heading began. I went on snipping and cutting removing unsightly leaves too.

The bugs in retaliation bit me. The bitten finger on my left foot has turned red. My left hand has been bitten too.

Memo to myself: Next time don’t go out in slippers. Wear socks and shoes for stepping in grass and going near plants. Don’t forget to wear gloves.

The Young and the Rested

When was the last time you felt truly rejuvenated and energized? What made you feel that way?


Plants and Home

Daily Prompt: The Name’s The Thing
Have you ever named an inanimate object? (Your car? Your laptop? The volleyball that kept you company while you were stranded in the ocean?) share the story of at least one object which you’re on a first name basis.


I have never named inanimate things, but I have told them time and again that I loved them.

To my home, every time I entered : I am happy to be back. I missed you, and I love you.
The house would silently greet me in return.

To my plants, to each and everyone I would say that I loved them. They would nod their heads at me happily in the breeze to tell me they were equally happy to see me. The trees would rustle their leaves in reply, making an indistinguishable sound.

Then there is a photograph back home of Sn (my second grandson) at a very young age. He is holding a lollipop in his hand. He looks enchanting. I would have now shown it, but it isn’t here with me.

Every time I looked at it while passing through the lounge, and going to the kitchen, I would say “I love you”.

Here is a picture of Sn which I took back home. He loved to sit in the plant container which I had positioned on the stairs.