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Symptoms of cold, Son achoos around the house. The germs gleefully trail in the air ready to strike any human object in the vicinity. They find me easily enough, cause our apartment is so small, and I am the unwilling victim. Son is forgetful. He nevers covers his nose into his elbow when he sneezes, and often I am the person handing him the tissues to clean his nose.

Have suggested to him to wear a mask when he goes to the nearby mosque for his prayers. That should hold the germs at bay, but it seems mother’s suggestions fall on deaf ears. The plethora of nasty, cold germs readily follows him home to me, and I get infected in turn. Dirty tissues abound in my bedroom, and my nose is redder than the proverbial Randolph who drives Santa around.

That’s one reason I open doors, and windows to get fresh air in the morning to waft in.



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