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Last Summer

Painful was the last summer I went through

To bid adieus to my grandsons

And my heart yearned

Will there be another summer

For us to be together again

And I looked at the youngest one

I wondered

Will there be the same closeness

Or forgotten

Distances widening in the heart

The fondness gone

Replaced by indifference

The corner he favored

His hiding place

Cushioned with his childhood quilt

A tight place

To find comfort, and escape

From the reality dogging him

And to forget

What was taking place

A broken home —- a rift through hearts

Taking him away from a loving space

Further away from the love he knew

(Sheen-Nov 2018)

I wrote the above in the summer of 2017, but I posted it today. My son had lost his job, and I knew we would have to move from Houston, further away. It was heartbreaking.


The Day Begins

The day begins I look forward to it

To finish the things that need to be done

But I read, and paint

And before long

The day comes to an end

I lag behind on things

I had planned from A to Z(d)

Oh where did the day go by

And why are the hours so short

They are gone

Before I could start



I don’t want to see you

The smile is not there

Replaced with worry lines

You look defeated

With shoulders sagging at times

I don’t want to see you

My identical image in the mirror

It’s best I forget you

Or I’ll deem myself a failure



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With superficial charm he did me woo

Fell for it without any clue

What struck me I never knew

My eyes opened after the issue

To save myself I couldn’t undo




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When do you want me to come

What do you want me to wear

My clothes are no longer fashionable

As I have grown older, I no longer care

What to wear is not my priority 

I’m comfortable in my old wear

They are not prickly, not so new

But soft against my skin I never knew

The colors are faded, and light on the eyes

And what I wear not everyone likes




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