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My husband was posted to Multan. As usual he was sitting at some border post, while the children and I were alone, and living in Old Fort Colony. The houses were reserved for Army Officers and their families. My daughter was about a year old and son two years and nine months old.

I would try to finish my housework around ten so that the children could play outside on the patio. The kids would take out their bicycles and playthings. They would play and I would keep a watchful eye on them while knitting, sewing or doing some embroidery or other such thing. Sometimes my neighbors would come and join me. We would be chatting and drinking tea, another pastime.

I had taken out my sewing machine, and was busy stitching a dress for my daughter. Suddenly my son started crying, “Look mama, an ant has bitten me.”

I don’t know at which point he had taken off his shoes, and was running around barefoot. I hushed him and told him he was a big boy, and being bitten by an ant was nothing to cry about. In a minute he was again playing with his sister, and I returned to finish sewing.

As I was getting up, he rushed to me, excited. He held on to my hands trying to drag me towards one corner, “See mama, I have killed the ant which bit me.”
I was flabbergasted when I looked at the ant. It was not an ant but a Scorpion.

Images: Thanks to Google.