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Day Forty Eight (A Journey with Quran)

Surah An Nisa: Ayats 101— 110

When you travel through the open countryside, it isn’t wrong if you shorten your prayers out of the fear that the faithless might ambush you, for those who cover over (their ability to have faith) are clearly your enemies. [101]

When you’re with (other Muslims on a journey), and you stand up to lead them in prayer, assign one group of the (believers) to stand (for prayer) with you, taking their weapons with them, (while the others stand guard). When they finish their prostrations, let them set up (their guard-positions) in the rear, and let the other group which didn’t pray yet come forward and pray with you – taking all precautions and holding their weapons. The faithless would eagerly attack you in a single rush, if they (saw that) you were without your weapons or away from your gear. It isn’t wrong, however, if you pack your weapons away when it’s raining or if you’re too ill to carry them, but even still take every precaution for yourselves. Truly, Allah has prepared a humiliating punishment for those who suppress (their awareness of the truth). [102]

When you’ve concluded the prayer, remember Allah while standing, sitting or lying down on your sides, and when you’re free from danger, perform the prayer-ritual (in the normal way), for prayers are a duty upon the faithful at set times. [103]

Don’t hesitate in pursuing the enemy. If you’re suffering from hardship, (know that) they’re suffering similar hardships, too. (Remember that) you have hope in Allah, while they have hope in nothing. Allah is full of knowledge and wisdom. [104]

We sent the Book down to you in all truth, so you can judge between people as directed by Allah. Therefore, don’t let yourself be (used) as an advocate by traitors. [105]

Rather, seek the forgiveness of Allah, for Allah is forgiving and merciful. [106]

Offer no defense on behalf of those who’ve betrayed their own souls, for truly Allah has no love for underhanded sinners. [107]

They may hide (their intentions) from other people, but they can’t hide (them) from Allah, for He’s in their midst when they plot in the night – using the kinds (of vile) words that He detests! Allah surrounds them in everything they do! [108]

They’re the kind of people on whose behalf you may offer a defense in this world, but who is going to defend them against Allah on the Day of Assembly, and who will take care of things for them then? [109]

If anyone commits an offense or otherwise wrongs his own soul, but then later seeks Allah’s forgiveness, he will find Allah to be forgiving and merciful. [110]

Translation: Yahiya Emerick

Background on verses 101-104: The Prophet led a group of Muslims on patrol near a place named Asafan. The time for the early afternoon prayer arrived, and the Muslims were praying in congregation when a party of Meccan raiders (led by Khalid ibn Waleed) appeared in the distance. One of the pagans counseled that this was the best time to attack the Muslims, while another suggested that there was a second prayer (the late afternoon) in which the Muslims took even more interest, and the man suggested that that would be a better time to strike. While the idol-worshippers were debating when to strike, the Prophet concluded the group prayer and recited this newly revealed passage, explaining what the idol-worshippers were plotting. When the next prayer time came, the Prophet ordered his men to pray while holding their weapons, and the two rows of men alternated standing and bowing, so there would always be one line able to respond to the enemy if need be.

What to Think?

After quite a while, I attended the dinner at the mosque. We said our Maghreb (evening) and Isha (night) prayers. Later on dinner was served. When we reached the mosque 🕌, a slight figure was walking 🚶‍♀️ up, and down at the parking site. He was a new convert to Islam. The mosque door was still locked, and poor thing he must have been wondering where everyone was, and whether anyone was going to show up?

Soon afterwards families with children in tow arrived. The children more interested in playing, and shrieking, ran in circles around their mamas. I saw one mother picking her crying 😢 son, depositing him on the side to bow down in sajdah. I had never seen him so cranky before. Later on his mood improved, and he became his sweet self again.

Coming home, I decided to tackle one of my chores. Son had bought some veggies home, including my favorite, which is okra. For the rest of the veggies I had managed to find space in the fridge, but okra, and ginger were still on the counter. Watching a hallmark movie I managed to wash, and cut the ladyfingers (okra), filled three bags, and stashed them in the freezer.

It had gone quite late by the time I finished, I went to my bedroom. Leaving the movie running, as I was interested in knowing the end, I went to the bathroom to clean my teeth, and wash my face —- bedtime rituals. As I was sitting on the sofa 🛋, drying my feet, I glanced at the iPad screen to see the end. I was astounded 😳 to see the message on the screen which was whether I was watching the movie, as I wasn’t watching for the fifteen minutes I was away from the room?

I pressed the okay on screen to continue watching. Do people watch us through the camera as to what we are doing? I’m greatly perturbed.


I search for my insurance cards. They were in my green bag, and I’ve to transfer them to the black one I’m carrying. I can’t find them, and I feel frantic that I’ll miss my appointment with the doctor. I turn the bag upside down, and now my bed is strewn with things. Where could they disappear?

Both my feet have ballooned into something I don’t recognize as my own two feet. Are they really mine, or they belong to an alien?

My Sciatica have come back in full swing. The left leg throbs with pain, and walking has become difficult. For the last two days I take Advil to numb the pain. The self medication leaves my mouth dry, and I feel like napping all the time. I have to walk to the doctor’s office, as there is no car parking.

I can’t even say my prayers. In the midst of a prayer I’m asleep, wake up with a jolt, probably my guarding angels trying to tell me that I’m in the presence of God, “Hey! Wake up—you haven’t completed”. I try to shrug off the sleep, but unable to do so–and go back to sleep. 😴


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When we pray to God, we expect our prayers to be answered positively. When they don’t we feel disallusioned with life. The three directions in which our prayers go: the first one in which our prayer is instantly accepted by God.

The second one in which our prayer is on hold, and when the appropriate time comes along — it happens.

The third one in which God gives you something better than what you wished for in the Hereafter. It’s said that people will wish that it would have been better if all their prayers were accepted for their Hereafter life.

When bad things happen my way, I wilt, and droop with disappointment…. Sigh…sigh…sigh,  but start anew expecting good things to happen again.



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The after world is a mystery

Only solved after death

Sometimes I am sanguine 

At other times I dread

What’s going to happen next?

I pray in the mornings, evenings, and nights

Noons, afternoons, and at other times

The prayers are my elixir

For heaven above




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Symptoms of cold, Son achoos around the house. The germs gleefully trail in the air ready to strike any human object in the vicinity. They find me easily enough, cause our apartment is so small, and I am the unwilling victim. Son is forgetful. He nevers covers his nose into his elbow when he sneezes, and often I am the person handing him the tissues to clean his nose.

Have suggested to him to wear a mask when he goes to the nearby mosque for his prayers. That should hold the germs at bay, but it seems mother’s suggestions fall on deaf ears. The plethora of nasty, cold germs readily follows him home to me, and I get infected in turn. Dirty tissues abound in my bedroom, and my nose is redder than the proverbial Randolph who drives Santa around.

That’s one reason I open doors, and windows to get fresh air in the morning to waft in.



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IB’s Original

Last Sunday we had an art competition at the local mosque. The afternoon prayers were at 2pm. The exhibition and competition were after the prayers. I gave an early lunch to IB (grandson) and S (son). I didn’t feel like eating, so forgo having lunch. I put a fruit and nut granola bar in my bag in case I felt hungry.

IB had to be persuaded to participate. He said that he had never drawn anything. As the room was being readied for the participants I let him go outside to play. Later on, with much cajoling on his father’s part IB parted with the monkey bar, and came inside. He drew the above sketch. 

On my son’s insistence I took part too. It was problematic for me, as my near vision is perfect, but far one isn’t. I would put on the specs to look at the object, and remove while drawing. It wasn’t bad, but when I used the colors, it was horrible. The teacher saved it from trash to take it with her.

My son’s verdict was: his son’s drawing was the best, and his mother’s was second best.




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Strange How Fears Help Me

If the fear of hell wasn’t there

I would have lapsed in my prayers

My daily walks and eating healthy

Wouldn’t have happened to be fair

Being fat would have been my fate

I am glad I escaped the snare


Fearless Fantasies

How would your life be different if you were incapable of feeling fear? Would your life be better or worse than it is now?