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While getting into the elevator, I noticed a man sitting on the bench. I had to visit my bank, and after that I was going to get books from the nearby library. It took a while. Son, and I were back on our floor, the man was still sitting there.

We had lunch, then said our Zuhr (noon) Prayers. We exited our apartment to go for shopping, the man was still there by the doors. I got paranoid. Why is he there? Hoped he wasn’t a thief observing who was in, and who wasn’t?

I voiced my concerns. Son said, “Mama! You are prejudiced to think like that”.


“Just because he is black”.

I was indignant at my Son’s assumption. I hadn’t even thought that way, and I wasn’t even that kind of an evil body. I had not even looked at the fellow properly. I had seen him from my peripheral vision, and didn’t truly know whether he was black, or white? He was wearing a hat. I was only concerned at his sitting there, because for sitting there is the lobby on the first floor which has a seating arrangement, and then there is a large sitting room too.

Son’s accusation had a sting to it. He made me feel a terrible person that day.