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On the Blink

The swimming pool in front of our balcony.

I thought my internal thermostat must have gone awry with me feeling extremely warm. It took some time to realize that nothing was wrong with me, but the trouble laid with the cooling unit outside our home. It must have gone on the blink, and stopped cooling, although it was constantly whirring on, and wasn’t switching off.

I was preparing our evening meal, and at first thought it was the heat from the stove, and oven. I came to my room to ascertain the fact whether it was cool, or not? Mine is the coolest room in the house. It’s always my fate to suffer from cold, whereas other areas are noticeably warmer. In the morning when I get up from bed, I shrug on a jacket, otherwise I start sneezing. It confirmed the fact it was very warm indeed.

Son was home, not in Salt Lake, Utah as he usually is, miles away from Houston. He had rivulets running down his face, so there was no need to ask him about anything. Son fiddled with the thermostat. That night for the first time in years, I slept without a comforter. I was perspiring, when I woke up. I asked Son to switch off the AC. It was adding to the heat, rather than cooling.

Son switched it off. Surprisingly with the aid of fans, it was bearable. I was fearing that we will remain without cooling for a longer period, but the maintenance chap promptly arrived to take care of the unit, and soon I was again shivering from cold as usual.

A Hectic Day

Out of Breath
by Ben Huberman
We all seem to insist on how busy, busy, busy we constantly are. Let’s put things in perspective: tell us about the craziest, busiest, most hectic day you’ve had in the past decade.

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Shutting down a home requires a number of things to be done before one can leave. The task becomes difficult with friends, and guests dropping on you on your last day at home. You have to bite your tongue not to say anything. You have to keep the expressions on your face welcoming, in spite of the fact that you need time to finish off the work to be done.

What can you say to their faces? I just keep mum.

Please say your goodbyes 4-5 days earlier, unless you are specifically asked to come. Please don’t come on my last day, when I am trying to close down my home for an indefinite period.

Please don’t linger for hours. Let me finish my chores. I am tired, and there is a long journey ahead of me. I need rest. That’s what was lingering in my mind, when I was coming here in May, 2013.

The busiest day went by. Last work was done. The fridge, and the hot water boiler, gas were shut down at last. Electric gadgets disconnected. I wanted to lie down (to straighten up my back) for a few moments, before finishing last minute tasks, when my tenant came upstairs. Thanks to her I forgot my bag of medicines which to this day must be resting in my dressing room.

She left when my brother, and nephew came to take me to the airport.
My nephew Shahid came rushing upstairs to demand iced water. It was a good turn. I had forgotten to empty a thermos full of cold water. I had filled it earlier when I had shut down the fridge. If Shahid had not asked for water, the thermos would have gathered fungus to this day.

I was going to empty it, when Lala (my elder brother) came up too for iced water, with rivulets of perspiration running down his face.

Next time I shouldn’t disclose the date of my leaving to avoid last minute disturbance. Let’s hope I stick to my resolution.