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I went to the laundry room on our floor to get the washing done. Loaded the washing machine. Finally after two months’ wait, it was working. I didn’t have to go searching the other floors for a workable machine. I should have realized there, and then, that everything was too good to be true!

Afterwards I came back, to put the clothes in the dryer. To my disappointment it ate up my four dollars, but wouldn’t start. I was really flustered. I came back to the apartment to get a pen, and paper to write down the number for lodging a complaint.

It was then that I forgot to take my keys, and got myself locked out of the apartment. I forgot the clothes, the dryer, and my wasted money, and headed to the lift to go down to the lobby to get someone to open the door to my apartment. At that moment I was feeling embarrassed 😩 to be in my pjs. Normally I wouldn’t be caught like that, but circumstances forced me.

The lift doors opened, and right in front of me was standing the very person I wanted. Nothing short of an Angel 😇. He came with me , and opened the door. Thank God there was nothing on the stove. It would have burnt to cinders.



When I wear a certain fragrance I purchased last year, Son complains that I smell like garbage. It’s such a turnoff hearing it. There I’m thinking it’s a lovely smell, and some one else thinks otherwise. Pitches me down every time I hear it. 

I have a question to ask my readers: why does the same fragrance smells different to others?



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