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Last year Son, and I were invited by ( daughter) Nola to Hartford to spend Eid with her, and her family. Son only stayed for two days. He was worried that if he took a few days leave, he would be kicked out of his job. We were planning to go to Lake Compounce, Sycamore Hills and Ocean Beach Park. We let him go. Poor Son! He missed the fun, and all for naught. The very next day he was told that he was laid off. If he had taken some days off, at least for a few days he would have enjoyed the activities.

All this happened last July. Son was without a job for two months. He got a job at the end of September, but with less pay. Thank God we managed to get by with paying Son’s spousal, and child support, lawyer’s fees, rent, bills and so on with my savings. We never knew that barely a month later, Son would be again jobless. Again we managed to get by, and in the process used up all my savings.

Coming back to our visit to daughter, whereas Son wasn’t with us, I enjoyed all the outings with the family. Nola’s youngest M5 who is three years old, drew the above image of a quartet for me. The smallest one is she, the other one is M4, and the two others are her mother and father.


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