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I’m a sucker for a British voice. Why? I don’t know. I have always loved the way Britishers speak. Somehow it’s music to me.

The Queen’s death has brought back memories of Diana. I cried the whole day, when she died. I was staying at that time with daughter in Cleveland, Ohio. Her death was unbelievable, probably because it was so tragic, and sudden. The sad face of twelve years old Prince Harry haunts me, and still brings tears to my eyes.

I can never reconcile myself to Camilla being the queen. She usurped the place where Diana should have been. I wish the Queen had brought Charles to heel. She should have intervened on Diana’s behalf, and threatened him that he won’t be king. The Queen, and the Queen Mother were indifferent to Diana’s plight.

Queen Elizabeth has been the face of Great Britain for a long time. I can understand her peoples’ grief for her. I never thought that she will be gone, thinking she might live to a hundred. A death is always a sad occurrence, but that’s the way we all have to go.