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Ready for my Closeup

 Good news! WordPress is making a movie based on my life. How interesting! Whether I am ready for it or not, it doesn’t matter.

Looking at my life I don’t see I have done any heroic efforts which are to be immortalized, admired and made into a movie.

I have lead an ordinary life of a daughter, wife and a mother. My life had its ups and downs just like any other person. But who am I to complain if WordPress has suddenly decided that I can be a subject for a movie? It has tons of money, so why not let it do what it wants.

Maybe the movie turns out to be a blockbuster, and bags an Oscar. You will be able to see me on red carpet with cameras flashing taking a zillion photos of me. Though I better warn you, I may hide my face behind a scarf, or more likely I will be trying to hunch myself wishing the floor would open and I disappear through it.


Ready for Your Close-up

Cast the movie of your life.