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The Irony of It

Son came back home early from work. The first question he asked me was whether I had phoned his in laws on their wedding anniversary which is today. I didn’t know, and I hadn’t. The next was why don’t I keep track of his fiancĂ©e’s page on which she had posted a photo wishing her parents a happy anniversary?

To remedy it, I phoned her parents wishing them all the joy in the world, and many happy years ahead. 💐

Isn’t this ironic that Son remembers the day his would be in-laws got married, but he doesn’t remembers his own parents wedding anniversary?

No he didn’t wish me on mine which was twelve days before, and I didn’t remind him.

At Rainbow’s End

My husband

Thoughts on First Anniversary of my husband’s death, 2nd August 2012.

You are feeling desolate. You are looking right at people, feeling empty inside with shock filled eyes. The shock of your husband dying. You have still not come to grips with the fact even after a year.

You think it’s a bad dream. You think it will fade and go away. Your world has turned upside down. A bleak sky frowns and glares upon you. You lose your life partner, the one you held onto through thick and thin. A load of misery awash your soul. Pain and tears fill your eyes with remembrance of a person, death never hesitated and took him away from you.

The mere mention and the floodgates open into a deluge. The hurt is never away. It resides within your soul. It comes out at unexpected moments. Terrible moments.
Love you, till we meet again.

I wrote this today as I will be traveling tomorrow.

Roses photo Credit; Shutterstock.