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To the Rescue


The time I take to get things for my friend/relative can be better utilized in rescuing that person. That’s the obvious thing to do. Isn’t it?

Yesterday at meal times, IB (grandson), and I, we were the two people left at the dinning table, still eating. IB looked at me, and said, “will you answer questions?”


“What’s the color of the sky?”


“What’s the color of the walls?”


“What was the first question I asked?”

“About the color of sky.”

“No, that wasn’t the first one.”




I was the shortest among my siblings, five feet one inch to be exact. I was never bothered about it till after my marriage. To tell you the truth I wasn’t aware of my shortcoming. I was made to realize this FACT by my very ‘Zealous’ sister in law time and again and others like her. I am sure it was very rude on their part but in those days I started feeling that somehow I was a big culprit. Now why didn’t I had a height of five eight or something like that? Now what to do? I was miserable on the inside over my this very Serious Flaw.😢

I was being immature you can say, but you can excuse me, my eighteenth birthday was still a month away. I took to wearing heels. I use to totter around on them, much to the amusement of my husband. My feet would be killing me but I would have a fake smile plastered on my face. Pregnancy rescued me from those heels. Thank God for that.

I grew up and stopped caring about rude comments. In my mind I was perfect the way I was. God had made me and you don’t criticize God’s Creation. 😊

Photos courtesy of World Wide Web.