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The family was going out for Pot Luck to a local mosque. We had to take a dish. On Eid day my daughter Nola had made Chick Peas Chat for the Eid get together at a park. Nola being busy with her studies it was left to me to make something.

I slogged over the hot stove to make Pakoras. It has been a while that I would cook for parties, or get togethers. Back in home country when my late husband was alive, we used to invite our guests to a local restaurant, or to Peshawar Club. It was the easy way out.

Making things in bulk is not my thing. I filled a large bowl with the huge mixture. Mixing it with a wooden spoon was hard enough for me. My wrists started aching.  Nola forgets to buy an electric Mixer when she goes for grocery. I am used to my electric gadgets. Without them I am lost. 

Hot oil splattered on my left arm while I was making Pakoras. It is an angry burn. I am careful, but still mishaps happen. I ran cold water on it when it happened.

Finally both trays were ready. The only person who wasn’t ready was me. Perspiring, I wanted to cool down before taking a bath, and change clothes. There wasn’t time. I decided to stay back, and enjoy my solitude.




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