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A Bleeding Heart


Never had the witty retort

To a jab in the heart

From those you know

Bent on sadistic pleasure of their own

Drawing blood from my injured heart

Each day inflicting new wounds

With poisonous tongues

As I slowly expired

Till the excruciating end




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Daily Prompt: Discussion Enders
We’ve all had exchanges where we came up with the perfect reply — ten minutes too late. Write down one of those, but this time, make sure to sign off with your grand slam (unused) zinger.

I never have the appropriate retort when someone decides to let me have a barbed zinger. It’s hurtful. Words fail me, and I look at a person at loss what to say.

My son’s room in our village home have two single beds instead of a double bed. Before ordering the furniture for his room I had asked him as to what he would like. This was when he was studying for his Engineering degree, and he wasn’t married.

He didn’t want a double bed. His best friend Ilyas would stay sometimes at our home; so he said he would be uncomfortable sleeping in one bed with his friend.

One relation came on a visit. She did a tour of our house. On seeing my son’s room, she asked why single beds?

She remarked after my explanation, “S deserves to be bashed on his head by the bride on his wedding night”.

I was taken aback by her rude words, but didn’t say anything in reply.

I wish I had said, “When his bride comes, and is not happy, she should buy herself a bed, or bring one in dowry.”

This lady had set her sight on S for a possible son in law.