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The Present to Myself

The lady who had come to buy the double bed in Son’s room in Peshawar, looked at the rocking chair first, “How much for that chair?”

“I wasn’t selling that”, was my reply.

I wasn’t interested, but she kept asking. I wish I had taken a shot of it. I was tired, and wanted her to leave so I could get some food to eat. I hadn’t eaten anything since my breakfast, which I had very early in the morning. I had been climbing up and down the outside stairs since daybreak. Okay! I named an exorbitant price. The lady snatched the chair up, and pushed it towards her male servant to take it away. She probably feared I may track back.

Oh God what had I done? My lovely chair became a distant memory.

The chair above is my present to myself. It’s my new rocking chair where I live now.

Time to make new memories.

Feb 18, 2018



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Son needed curtains for his room– the eclipse ones–dark, which didn’t let the light through. We spent a whole day at IKEA. While the bookcase and chest of drawers he wanted weren’t available, I was lucky in getting a rocking chair I liked. I had earlier wanted a blue covering. Not finding it in that shade, I opted for an off white one.

Son bought three pairs of curtains after spending a considerable amount of time in deciding. I despaired whether he would ever finally make up his mind.

The very next day Son wanted to have another look at curtains in shops we had not visited. He wanted a better deal. We began at Bed, Bath and Beyond. The ones he liked, I didn’t, and so on. It continued through the many stores we visited. My energy level went spirally down as the day went. I was tired, my feet ached, I was cold, and I badly wanted to get back home.

Son lectured me on the parking of my car. According to him, it wasn’t straight enough. I ignored what he was saying. You decide?



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My Rocking Chair

Daily Prompt: First Sight
Whether a person, pet, an object, or a place, write about something or someone you connected with from the first second.

The real one resembles it, but it has cushion seat.

My husband R and I were going into a shop, when my eyes alighted on a shop’s window display. It held a rocking chair.

I clutched at R’s hand to draw his attention.
“Please can we go there?” I pointed at the other shop.

I was in luck. He was in a good mood that day. Things decided at the last minute always irked him. It would turn him from a smiling guy into a grumpy one.

I towed him into the adjacent shop. It was a made to order furniture shop. The shop attendant brought the rocking chair from the display, and put it in front of me.

I looked at it, and then at R, “I want this.”
R took out his wallet to pay for it.

I felt like I was on top of the world. I still love my rocking chair to this day, though it lies across the ocean.

My Rocking Chair