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Saving on a haircut isn’t a good idea, but that’s exactly what I did. Gone are the days when haircuts used to last for a couple of months. After fifteen days my hair looks a horror. 

The grocery shop from I where I buy my vegetables is next door to a hair salon. I paused while passing it, and read the announcement of a half price. That lured me in, despite the dire warnings from Son who was two steps behind me, that cheap haircuts didn’t necessarily mean good haircuts. I overlooked his nuances.

Son was exhausted. Seeing I wasn’t going to listen to his low rumblings, he settled down in a chair, and promptly went to catch a nap. I felt nervous at getting my haircut from a new person. One never knows what will be the end result? 

I don’t think I will be entering that particular shop again in my lifetime. Once was enough.

The other day passing the shop I wanted to caution a new victim entering it, but gave up the idea. It wasn’t my place to do so.



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