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It was a week later that I looked at my Walmart receipt. I was going through my shoulder bag, and wanted to clear the growing clutter in it. It really becomes a mess after a certain period of time. I had bought a sewing machine. The shop had not given it to me on the sale price displayed in the shop. I really should have looked at the total that day.

Needing some items, I was back at the shop, and took the machine sale slip with me. I showed the receipt to the attendant. She said I should have brought back the machine. Told her it was too much hassle packing it to bring it to the shop. Then another thought occurred to the lady. You must have bought it after the sale was over? That’s what she said.

No was my answer. Anyway the lady wasn’t interested in giving the money due to me. The receipt should have sufficed. Lucky for me the sale prices were still in place. After much hewing and hawing got the money from her, but it left a bitter taste. 

What it taught me was to look at the receipt before leaving the shop.



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