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A Tale of Home

A Plot of Earth
by Michelle W.
You’re given a plot of land and have the financial resources to do what you please. What’s the plan?

When am I getting It? Please let me know. It’s no fun getting it as an imaginary one.
Here is a tale of one we bought.

When my (late) husband R got posted to Abbotabad, and we moved there, I fell in love with the place. I kept badgering R to buy a plot, and build us a home, so we could retire there in the future.

A two canal plot came up for sale, and we got it at a reasonable price. We built a lovely stone house on it. It was a single story, three bedroom house. We left one canal for a garden, keeping in mind that later we might build an annexe on it.

We didn’t get time to live in it, because R’s transfer came. We put the house up for rent, put our son in a hostel, and left to where R got posted.

Our last tenant didn’t pay two months rent. He didn’t pay electricity dues for a year. How he managed that, and the electricity didn’t get cut off, that’s a mystery. He left doors, and gate opened, and the house remained like that for a period of two months, till R was notified by an acquaintance.

R put the house up for sale. After selling it R cleared the electricity, and gas bills. For the eight years it was occupied by tenants, none had paid the water charges. R paid all those plus the sales tax. Ten years later the same place got sold for millions.

Only wish we didn’t sell it. Should have kept it shuttered, and had a go at the millions.