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Certain aromas put me off. The chief one is cinnamon. I don’t use it in baking. Another one which overwhelms me is vanilla. I only use a drop, or two when there is a need for it. Then another one on my list is fenugreek. I like it occasionally. What I dislike most of about it that its’ smell lingers on whenever it’s used. It won’t go away.

I liked the old fashioned kitchens to which you could close the door. The smell of cooking didn’t permeate throughout the house. I know when one is feeling  hungry, the aroma arising from the kitchen feels welcoming, and heavenly. After eating, I want the smell to disappear, and not grate on my nerves. 

There are other aromas which I like, and those are: the smell of coffee, bread being baked, sauté d onions, rice with cloves in it, and cardamom.

Last year when I visited Peshawar, and I was without a driver, I would call my older brother, or brother in law to take me out for shopping. My brother’s car had the aroma of freshly made coffee. One day I couldn’t help asking, “Did you have coffee just now?”

He burst out laughing. I was wondering whether I had said something wrong. He opened his dashboard, and dropped a sweets packet in my lap. They were coffee sweets, and finally I knew the secret why the car carried the aroma of freshly brewed coffee.




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