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Are You Being Served?

Daily Prompt: Are you being served?
What’s the most dreadful or wonderful experience you’ve ever had as a customer? Show Service.

Two of our favorite haunts here in Houston are, the Chinese Halal Restaurant on Highway 6 and Sayad Mediterranean Grill.

As Muslims our preferred restaurant has to be one which serves Halal food and meat. Where Halal is not available we ask for fish to eat.

I love Chinese food. It’s easily digestible. Favorites are Gen Tso and Chicken Corn Soup. I have noticed that Chinese food differs from country to country.

My most wonderful experience of Chinese food has been in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The decor was eye catching and so was the food. I think the surroundings matter too. The service was excellent and it was a memorable evening being my daughter’s wedding anniversary.

To be truthful I don’t like to eat out. Food prepared at home is much better for us health wise. Sometimes one does get fed up with daily cooking, so those are the times we eat out.

We go to the Chinese Restaurant here mostly. It’s clean and the bonus is, there is a Prayer Room for us to say our prayers, when it’s prayer time. The service is quick and the food is good. The portion sizes are larger and the prices are reasonable.

My grandsons like to have Sweet and Sour Soup and Spicy Chicken Wings. Children are a mix of contradictions. The other day at home I sprinkled black pepper on salad which they refused to eat, saying it’s peppery. At the restaurant, they keep on adding red chili sauce to their soups whenever we go.

I B having spicy Chinese food.
Are You Being Served?