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I search for my insurance cards. They were in my green bag, and I’ve to transfer them to the black one I’m carrying. I can’t find them, and I feel frantic that I’ll miss my appointment with the doctor. I turn the bag upside down, and now my bed is strewn with things. Where could they disappear?

Both my feet have ballooned into something I don’t recognize as my own two feet. Are they really mine, or they belong to an alien?

My Sciatica have come back in full swing. The left leg throbs with pain, and walking has become difficult. For the last two days I take Advil to numb the pain. The self medication leaves my mouth dry, and I feel like napping all the time. I have to walk to the doctor’s office, as there is no car parking.

I can’t even say my prayers. In the midst of a prayer I’m asleep, wake up with a jolt, probably my guarding angels trying to tell me that I’m in the presence of God, “Hey! Wake up—you haven’t completed”. I try to shrug off the sleep, but unable to do so–and go back to sleep. 😴


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What’s there to strut? Even if there was, I wouldn’t have known how? 

Since getting up in the morning, I’m packing. It’s at moments like these that I wish we didn’t have to move. Even those essential items are the bases for a terrible headache. My left foot is swelling with no time to put both feet to rest, and my Sciatica is ready to blow up to a horrible, and constant pain. It’s because of the bending in putting things in boxes, and bags.

Getting last minute air tickets to Peshawar has made a bigger hole in my account. Son had assured me that there is a great demand for the apartments where we live. In a week’s time new tenant occupy once one is vacated. It was just a misconception. The manager has let us know that there is no escaping from paying for December, January even if we vacate in a week’s time now. We were going to put our stuff in storage, but now it’s of no monetary benefit to us, so we are thinking of letting it remain here. 



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When one remains simple, life  is uncluttered. I have known it to be true — but time and again I forget.

In February of this year I moved to Virginia. Got a home, but except for a few plates and cups which I had brought with me from Peshawar, there was nothing much in the house. I could have brought stuff from back home, but because of baggage restrictions I couldn’t bring more with me.

19th February was a whirlwind, and the bitterly cold night found us (my daughter and I), at Sam’s Club to buy queen sized mattresses. Kitchen gadgets and electric things were acquired from Target. I later found out it would have been much cheaper to get them from Walmart. We did get cotton sheets and pillows, towels, bathroom and kitchen accessories from there. I would have preferred Bed, Bath and Beyond but mindful of spending I checked myself.

Anyway I needed a bed while Nola told me to keep simple for the time being. My backache was growing due to bending, to lie down on the  matteress, and my left leg grew prone to sciatica. So along came my bed, a night table, a huge dresser and mirror. Why the other things? My bed did indeed needed its companions, but now I find myself in the doldrums. Why? Because of the move back to Texas due to my son’s situation.

Now I will have to spend money on a big truck to haul back my living room, dining room, bedroom stuff to Texas. If I put them on sale nobody is going to buy it at half price even. It’s barely three months since I bought them. Life gets changed in a blink of an eye. You never know what lies ahead, and what God has ordained for you.

So here is what I am saying to myself. Why didn’t I stick to remaining simple with less things? It would have been more simpler to move back.

Why did I forget?


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