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I eyed the top shelf of our minuscule kitchen’s cabinet. I couldn’t reach it, even If I tried to stretch the five feet one inch height I am blessed with. Normally I am not bothered about my height, but there are times in which I wish I had six inches more. I knew there was a ladder in the outside storage room. I rejected the idea to fetch it inside. It was a bit heavy for me.

I was making Kung Pao Shrimp for lunch, and it needed the Rice Vinegar which had somehow made the top shelf its’ abode, and I couldn’t bring it down. I put the wobbly chair in front of the cabinet. I felt very daring, as I climbed onto it, praying at the same time to our dear God not to let me fall down to the floor, and break my precious bones. They are at the fragile stage where they need copious amount of Vitamin D.

I made it safely down the chair.  A moment did occur in which I made a frantic grab for the handle on the door to steady myself. A calamity was averted, and lunch got made.




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