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The Last Afternoon

I asked Son to accompany me to the library to return the books I had finished reading. Son was in his la la land. This is a term he has coined which means skipping the internet, and too busy immersed in it to notice someone asking him for something. Then I told IB (my dear grandson) to come with me.

This is IB’s last afternoon with us. As usual he carried his penny board with us to skate board outside. He made us buy him the small skate board despite having a long board. He told us that Inshallah when he comes to us next time he can leave the long board home. The smaller one can be packed in his bag.

I made fries for his lunch. After he finished them, I asked him as usual, “Can I cut an apple for you?” I’m always expecting him to say, “Yes please”. The answer was no. Mine was, “Okay, I’m peeling one right now, and you are going to have it”.

He laughed at that,” Why do you bother to ask me when you are going to make me eat an apple?”