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I have different tag lines for my two personalities. One requires: sad, hurting, recluse. This one needs an invisible cloak to hide.

The other one: cheerful, full of life, laughs, happy, bright.



Often, our blogs have taglines. But what if humans did, too? What would your tagline be?



Suzanne Collins, Judy Picoult  are my favorite authors. As per WordPress prompt I better ask them to write my biography. Will they do it?

Let us find out:

1st e-mail  to Judy Picoult.

Hi Judy, how are you? I love your writing. Would you be interested in writing my biography? What it entails, please let me know? My e-mail:sheen@——–phone number———-

No answer. At third try I better write to Suzzane Collins.

Hi Suzzane, this is Sheen. I am writing in the hope if I can interest you in writing my biography. I have come across so many people like me who adore your writing. If we can talk on telephone we can work out the details. My e-mail address is sheen@——— my phone number———

No reply — no telephone — nothing.

Anyone interested out there?



If you could have any author –living or dead – write your biography, who would you choose?

Just Right


One’s need courage to make a choice, and then the conviction to act upon it. I am a terribly indecisive person. When I have a choice, I am at my wit’s end at making a decision.

To get over at indecisiveness I have formulated a plan.

If it’s a major decision about buying something (this works for any decision I make), I write the pros, and cons of it. I list the price, see which one will have more advantages. Is it affordable, within my means?

Finally ask for God’s help that my choice will turn out okay, then I go for it.

My (late) husband always advised “go for the best”. He would say “this way you are satisfied with your choice”.


Hello, Goldilocks!

Write about a time you had a Goldilocks experience, exploring different choices and finally arriving at “just right.”



Every summer my younger brother, and I would be sent to spend our summer vacation with uncle A, and his family. This changed into been sent to grandma in my teen years. At uncle’s home, my cousin Z, and I spent hours talking, playing together with dolls, Badminton, or board games.

One day Z, and I were sitting on the steps of the back verandah, when she produced a cigarette. It was already lit. She offered it to me to smoke it. I had never smoked it before. I felt it was wrong, so I refused.

She took two, three drags of it, and asked me again. I refused while she started making fun of me calling me a frightened chick. She kept badgering me. I took it from her, and inhaled the smoke. My coughing wouldn’t stop while Z stomped on the cigarette to hide the evidence as to what she was doing. 

Those few moments were surreal, as if it was happening to someone else.

That was the one, and only time I touched a cigarette. I always wonder how people who are addicted to smoking can do this to themselves.



What’s the most surreal experience you’ve ever had?

Fly on the Wall

The colors she wore were tempting enough

They added to her allure

She looked beautiful, mysterious 

As she stood in a corner alone

She was a lovely temptress for sure

He had seen her trying to hide in a corner, so that to be invisible to the prying eyes on the patio.  There were many gathered there to have a fun filled night. She looked juicy enough to eat. The colors she wore were seductive enough to lure him to her. She looked beautiful.

He moved slowly towards her as if in a trance. One step at a time. He didn’t want to startle her, and let her move away, or disappear. He moistened his lips at the sight of her, as he advanced in her direction; willing her to remain where she was.

Their eyes locked together, as he came near her. His tongue darted out. She was in his grip, as he swallowed her whole.


Fly on the wall  Thousand Foot Krutch


Fly on the Wall

If you could be a “fly on the wall” anywhere and at any time in history, where and when would you choose?

Where Do I Go?

Going someplace is too much of a bother

Give me a book, so I can hibernate

In the safety of my room to read, and to wander

Places unseen, beaches, forests, and mountains

And those places where I have never been by fate



Beach, mountain, forest, or somewhere else entirely?

Wearing Hijab

Dialogue between a Muslim mother, and her daughter. The daughter finds it stifling wearing a hijab. The mother insists she wears it to school, or going outside.

D says, “I don’t want to wear it”.

M, “why not?”


M, “tell me!”

D, “you won’t go off your rocker?”

M, “allright”.

D, “I feel a complete ninny, cause none of my classmates wear it. I am the odd one out”.

M, “but they are not Muslims. Why should they wear it?”

D, “why should I?”

M, “you have to wear it, because it’s ordained by God for us, and as such clear guidance is written in the Quran.  In Surah Al-Nur, and Surah Al-Ahzab, “believing women are told to cover themselves when they go out of their homes”.

D, “I feel ugly, and it’s depressing”.

M, “now you are objecting, but a few years onward you will find wearing hijab beneficial, and time saving. It protects your skin, and hair from the harmful effects of sun rays. You save time by not spending un-necessary hours in getting ready. It shows you as a modest person not given to appearances, so you gain respect, and most important it’s God’s injunction, not to be violated.

Besides, young lady you are getting late for school, and you better leave now”.


Here is a Christian lady who is wearing hijab for forty days. Please visit her journey of hijab. It’s quite interesting.


A House Divided

Pick a divisive issue currently in the news. Write a two-part post in which you take on two personas and approach the topic from both sides. Bonus points for a creative format (roundtable discussion, debate transcript, etc.).

I Can Do It

My own mind works like this: if I want to try out anything, the thought of failure shouldn’t deter me. After all the world moves forward on determination, and the will to do something.

I should try whatever I want to do. If I fail? What’s the big issue about failing?

Found out I couldn’t do it. I wont try it again. That’s it.


Too Big To Fail

Tell us about something you would attempt if you were guaranteed not to fail (and tell us why you haven’t tried it yet).