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When I was a six years old, I used to wonder at a girl in my class who wore glasses. One day while going home in the school bus, I asked her to let me try her specs. She took them off and handed them to me. I couldn’t see through them. It was a blur.

When I was thirteen, I grew short sighted and was fitted with specs. Then I understood why the little girl needed them.

In the beginning I liked my specs. Most of us automatically assume that a person with glasses is a very knowledgeable person. That is not always the case. Another misconception is that if not worn constantly the eyes detoriate. I am happy to report it didn’t happen in my case. As the novelty of my specs wore off, I hated them. My nose permanently formed a ridge, and I looked more than my actual age. Gradually I learnt to do without them. I wore them in school, or for watching Tv.

I didn’t like contacts. Fiddling with them and using them in my eyes gave me the creeps. . Same were my feelings for laser surgery. One benefit of short sightedness is that near sight still works when a person grows older while you need to read something. My (late) husband would always ask me to tell him what was the amount in the bill when we were having meals outside our home. I have been stuck with glasses for a major part in my life whether I like them or not.




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