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As a child I would run to the nearest tree to hide in the green branches. It was my safe refuge– my hideout. Years have passed, and now I won’t be able to climb any tree. Even if I could, I would be afraid of spoiling my clothes, getting them torn by the rough bark, getting cuts on my hands, getting insects’ bites, being bitten by spiders, or worse –getting my nails scraggly.

This brings me to a question why do we change so drastically as we grow up?

Now my nearest hideout is my room.



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I am passionate about cleaning. It doesn’t mean I like doing it. Isn’t this contradictory?  I have been eyeing the window in my bedroom dreading cleaning it. Insects, dust, cobwebs hanged in the crevices and corners. This is a rented apartment in which  I am staying with my daughter. In just a few days I will be going back, so I should turn a blind eye, but I can’t do that sort of thing.

I wonder at the management. When they were having the apartment readied for new tenants shouldn’t they have cleaned the windows? Years of dirt was there. Even pine needles were stuck in the panes of the windowsill. They must have been blown from the Pine tree outside towards inside. They ignored the windows while painting the inside area, and putting in new carpets.

I cleaned it today. It took longer than I anticipated. Cleaning away the years of accumulated dirt and cobwebs took some time. The reward was a broken nail, and a cut on my right thumb.




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Return Address
by Ben Huberman
Yesterday, your pet/baby/inanimate object could read your post. Today, they can write back (thanks for the suggestion, lifelessons!). Write a post from their point of view (or just pick any non-verbal creature/object).

A tale of woes from my house in the village:


Another morning! The sun is out — bright, and cheerful. He is old, but looks majestic; where as (sigh), I am not that much in years, but I feel old, unkept, and dirty.

You are not here, so no one bothers. Leaves, and flowers rot and dry. When the wind picks up speed they move to my corners and doors. Ants are literally running to and fro. They are having a field day. One or two anthills are growing on the porch.

Sometimes I think Mr. W (the watchman) may be having eye problems that he overlooks my untidiness. He doesn’t see the grass overgrown. He doesn’t see the weeds that are overtaking the grass, and patches of brown drying up grass. The lawn mower has again given up ……..

Myself: I interpret it, “You said the grass is grown. How come the lawn mower is broken, if it has not been used?”
Oh! It has been used by Mr. W at other places, and he was getting a bit of extra money on the side (snickers)

The outside lights keep burning at daytime too. Saves him precious time to switch them on again at night. You will be getting a bill for the new motor installed. How long this new one will last? I am not sure, cause he turns it on to fill the water tank. He goes away. It keeps on running. Hours later Mr. W comes to switch it off. Now you know why you get hefty electricity bills.

I am not happy at how quickly I am detoriating, but the spiders, and wasps are having a ball. They are positively gleeful. They get to build their nests wherever they choose. No one disturbs their peaceful lives.

There was a mega storm last month. It shoved away the bougainvilleas and roses plants off the boundary walls. Too much work for Mr. W to rewire them back to their place. He let them get dry, and then hauled them away. Wise man! Saved himself from extra work in watering them. All they did was: to litter the lawns with falling leaves, and flowers.

I miss you! When are you coming?