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Back in 2012 after an operation, my doctor told me never to squat. I can’t now, and had terrible times back in home country (I spent December, and January there), where Asian toilets are in profusion in public places. I dislike them with a vengeance. 

Recently on visits to Charsadda Courts for settling land matters, I would go without water, and food for hours on end, simply to avoid using a public toilet. I was miserable from thirst, and at the same time dreading kidneys failure. Hunger –one can bear but going without drinking water was torturous.  My son, and I would leave home at eight thirty in the morning, and till evening  I had a terrible time. One of my brother in law had a house there. I couldn’t go to his home either knowing all six bathrooms had Asian toilets. 

How can one use these messy creations? I fail to understand.



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