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Son and I were back from having a dinner at a friend’s house. I changed my clothes to those ones which I wear at home. I was folding my dopatta which you know is a 2, 3/4 yards affair, when I noticed a stain on it. Found out–it was a small beetle lookalike thing. Not wanting to kill it the usual way I flush away these pesky visitors to our home, I took it outside to release it. 

To remove it, I flung my dopatta outwards to shuck it off. Relieved that I have done the deed in tossing it out, I came back inside. I folded my dopatta, and that’s when I glanced downwards. The thing was perched on my shirt. Involuntarily I shrieked, afraid it would sting me. I flapped my hands at it with closed eyes. It disappeared out of sight. 

At the moment I don’t know whether it’s still lurking in my bedroom, or taking a stroll through the apartment. The only thing I want is that it shouldn’t bite me.



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