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To the Rescue

The Okra Plants

A few days back, there was a mild storm. Because of incessant rain, I didn’t go out in the backyard. I got a reprieve from watering the veggies, and other plants. I spent the time bingeing on movies on Netflix. It was the third day, I ventured out. Imagine my consternation on finding the okra plants in total prostration on the ground. If I had known, I would have gone to their rescue.

For a minute I was flummoxed 😶 on what to do? Son was in Sacramento, California, and I was on my own. Gradually my senses resurfaced. I needed to find nails, so I could hammer 🔨 them into the fence, and then tie the okra plants to make them stand. There are two sets of these plants. The second set was already leaning into the fence, so they weren’t sagging into the ground.

A quick tour of the garage, and then Son’s bedroom, and closet didn’t yield the whereabouts of Son’s toolbox (the search for nails). Giving up, I was looking at the plants in frustration. And then my mind flooded with relief. There was no need for nails. I could tie the plants to the fence with the polyester thread I had. It’s not actually a thread, but not a rope — something in between, and that’s what I did.

In between, I kept glancing fearfully at the lizard 🦎 like thing in the okra plant. It was green, but much prettier than a lizard. Nether the less, I was afraid 😱 it might decide to jump at me, and what the ….. I was going to do ? Thankfully I was spared from that evil fate. The okras are standing as you can see them in the photo.


When the storm breaks

All hell breaks lose

Where to turn for cover

No place in sight

Caught in the open

Where to run, where to hide

Till it’s over





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Henderson Lake
We travelled through a storm while passing through West Virginia. Water was pouring through the skies, and the truck was buffeted by the angry wind and rain. Directly above the driver’s seat rainwater kept sprinkling on my son. There must have been a hole someplace above. 

Houston Downtown
Clouds dot the sky above Houston, but little rain.  Where do these clouds go? I have no idea. If there was as much rain as the clouds are, Houston by now would have been submerged by water.




Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt. 


Nothin’ But A Good Time

My idea of fun time may differ from others. I arrived back from Roanoke, Virginia on 18th at one in the morning. My connecting flight to Houston was via Atlanta. There was a severe storm over it by the time the plane circled overhead, so the plane was diverted to Knoxville, Tennessee. We stayed put in the aircraft for an hour and a half.

By the time we reached Atlanta, I had missed my next flight. It had left an hour ago. Finding out I should head to which terminal was another headache. There were long lines, all wanting to know when next flights were available, and they should go in which direction.

All the items in my checked bag were soaking wet when I opened it at home. What happened to it? I don’t know. I am trying to dry out my stuff. Thankfully the lovely wall hangings (gifts from my daughter) are dry — a miracle, because God’s Words were on them.

My favorite carry on is torn, and one wheel is broken. I heard the scrunching noise when the stewardess rammed it into the overhead storage space. I didn’t realize that my carry on has gone on its last journey. Luckily my iPad and Surface 3 survived the impact.

Since yesterday my idea of having a good time is having uninterrupted sleep, and wishing my room to be in order.

Daily Prompt

Imagine that tomorrow, all of your duties and obligations evaporate for the day. You get the day all to yourself, to do anything you please. What types of fun activities would make your day?


Twigs, Leaves and Dirt

Daily Prompt: You, Robot
Congrats — you’ve been handed a robot whose sole job is to relieve you of one chore, job, or responsibility you particularly hate. What is it?

Silk cotton tree Credit: Google

When a dust storm hits our city (it’s an every day affair), it leaves tons of dust (it pours from the sky); seeds from the trees, flower petals, leaves, broken twigs littering the terrace, and the verandah. It’s a nightmare chasing cotton seeds of the cotton tree. They try to escape the broom, although the trees with red flowers look beautiful.

It’s a back breaking job to clean up the aftermath. If you leave it as it is (woe betide me when I did an omission like that), the whole debris shifted inside the house. One culprit was (the male servant we had) Noman, who never bothered to look downwards.

Last year when I went back after an absence of two months (this time it’s more than a year), I had forgotten what lay ahead.

After arrival, I asked Noman to take my bags upstairs after giving him the keys to open the doors.

I can shake my head at myself. One never learns, in my case I am the one who forgets easily. I cursed myself when I went upstairs, and saw the havoc Noman had wrecked inside. He had dropped the bags while opening the door. The bags had been rolled in the dirt, and there was a trail from the front door through the bedroom, and onwards into the dressing room. The bags fared better in traveling than when they reached destination.

A robot would be exactly what I need, but that’s all fantasy. I will be the first one to que up for it when it becomes available.


Before The Storm Breaks

Daily Prompt: Standstill
For a moment today, time stand stills–but you can tweak one thing while it’s stopped. What do you do? Show STILLNESS.

It’s the lull before the storm
The stillness terrifies you
Everything just stopped
You have no clue

The birds stopped chirping
Overhead the sky turns black
Black with thunder clouds
Rain, lightning comes back

In your heart you look ahead
For the moment to be over
Bringing calmness and light
The sky will get bluer

Photos: Sheen
Before The Storm Breaks