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After spending the whole day fishing in Galveston, we were on our way back to Houston. Along the way we stopped at Subway. I looked at the cookie jar, and my mouth watered at the sight of Chocolate Chip Cookies. I didn’t realize I must have been very hungry. 

My son bought four of them. One would have sufficed. I thought maybe he had bought them for the four of us, not knowing they were meant for me only. Later on I wished I hadn’t  asked for them. I had one, but didn’t like the taste. My son asked me, ” Why wasn’t I having the rest of them?”

 I told him that I didn’t like the taste, and he was welcome to them. Two weeks later they were still lying in the same place. Again I was asked the same question, “Why wasn’t I having them?” 

I am confused as to which part in my answer he didn’t understand. 




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