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A Year Wait



When IB (grandson) was going back to Houston, after a month’s stay here during the summer holidays, I kept getting more melancholy 🙁 day by day. Sunshine was going to be missing from our lives till he got back to us next year.

A friend told me to get more photos of him to last me a year of deprivation (as if that could suffice). She thought the photos could last me an year of not seeing him.

For the first month after he left, I would look at the videos, and photographs, reliving each moment again. Slowly my heartache dulled. The photo above is a favorite one. It bounces to life on my iPhone, when I click on it. IB smiles before the photo stills.



I waited for summer to come

Watching the tree from my balcony 

The tree was bare without leaves

And summer came covering the tree

But I won’t be here again





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I Long For Summer


A view from my balcony
Last night it snowed, but after an hour, or so it stopped. Most of it has disappeared since. After spending nearly three years in Houston, I have yet to acclimatize to the cold weather and snow here in Virginia.

I long for summer, it’s bitterly cold

I want the sun to smile upon me

Its’ bright rays to chase away the cold

Its’ welcoming warmth to envelope me




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Turn, Turn, Turn


I love to see the seasons change

For seasons come, and seasons go

Each year it’s different

That’s what I know


When winters come with icy winds

Why do I long for summers again?



Turn, Turn, Turn

Seasons change so quickly! Which one do you most look forward to? Which is your least favorite?

Full Moon


There was a time when we used to sleep under the sky in summers. The moon spread its heavenly cool light. The Night Queen flowers bloomed to radiate its fragrance till you could smell it into the far corners of our home. 

It used to be so pleasant sleeping outside. It felt so soothing.  The night sky shimmered with stars. When you woke up, you felt refreshed. It wasn’t like sleeping in a stuffy room, where you woke up still feeling tired.

Then people stopped sleeping outside. The world became a scary place. Now people fear someone will sneak over their boundary walls, and cause them harm.

Now no one sleeps outside anymore.


The Full Moon

When the full moon happens, you turn into a person who’s the opposite of who you normally are. Describe this new you.



Every summer my younger brother, and I would be sent to spend our summer vacation with uncle A, and his family. This changed into been sent to grandma in my teen years. At uncle’s home, my cousin Z, and I spent hours talking, playing together with dolls, Badminton, or board games.

One day Z, and I were sitting on the steps of the back verandah, when she produced a cigarette. It was already lit. She offered it to me to smoke it. I had never smoked it before. I felt it was wrong, so I refused.

She took two, three drags of it, and asked me again. I refused while she started making fun of me calling me a frightened chick. She kept badgering me. I took it from her, and inhaled the smoke. My coughing wouldn’t stop while Z stomped on the cigarette to hide the evidence as to what she was doing. 

Those few moments were surreal, as if it was happening to someone else.

That was the one, and only time I touched a cigarette. I always wonder how people who are addicted to smoking can do this to themselves.



What’s the most surreal experience you’ve ever had?