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Virtual Me

Daily Prompt: Snapshot Stories
Open the first photo album you can find — real or virtual, your call — and stop at the first picture of yourself you see there. Tell us the story of that photo.


This photo is of me. I am standing outside my grandson Sn’s school. It was taken by my son, last year in May.

All of us had gone to the graduating, and award ceremony. 2013 was Sn’s last year at middle school. After summer vacation, he started high school.

Virtual Me

Past and Now

Daily Prompt: In the Summertime
Theoretically, summer will return to the polar-vortex-battered Northern Hemisphere. What are you looking forward to doing this summer? If you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, what are your fondest memories of summer past?


As a child I looked forward to summers. Why? The summer holidays, that’s why. Sheer bliss – no school. The homework given by the teachers, used to hang over my head, did dim, the joy in my heart.

Later in life, when my children lived at home, I did like summers. I looked forward to having more time with them.

Now, present time.
I like winters more than summers. Why? I must be daft. That’s what you are thinking? Aren’t you?

My skin burns easily, so I don’t look forward to summers. I have to carry an umbrella to protect my skin from sunburn. I do lather on sunscreen, before going out. I ignore the puzzled looks in my direction, when I go out for shopping.

I have heard the question so often, “Dear, it’s not raining outside?”
Translated this means, “Why are you carrying an umbrella?”
I do feel happy, when it’s raining, because no one questions me, and no one thinks me a nutcase.

Warm days ahead, I am fearful indeed
My skin might burn, I have to heed
Smiling flowers, sprout their lovely heads
Their colors vibrant, a bright sight indeed

Past and Now