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One interest of mine is — looking after my pint size garden. At the moment it doesn’t look at its’ best, as it’s struggling to survive. I water the plants when the dark colors of approaching evenings make their appearance, and the glare of the sun is gone. 

I try to revive the handful of my evergreen plants after they have been in the scorching sun most of the day. I need to go to buy fresh earth for the container, but as usual I forget to do so when I’m out, and about. Till then I hope my minuscule garden survives.



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Surviving Loneliness 

I have survived loneliness

Being bored to death when I would be on my own

Found hobbies and worked at them

Enjoyed the fascinating work I was shown

Now I am not bothered by solitude

Love the moments when I can be alone





Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.


To Live Another Day

To survive a day I try emptying my mind

Think of nothing, but inevitably 

The troubling thoughts sneak right in

I push them and keep pushing them back

Willing myself to forget

Chanting to myself

I am happy —- I am happy

Trying to save my sanity

Trying to survive

Willing myself to live another day



How do you celebrate the survival of a day?