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I’ll Like You for Always

Daily Prompt: Last but not the Least
In your imaginary award acceptance speech (yes, we know you have one), who’s the very last — and most important — person you thank?

I got this from my daughter a few days back.

I go about life in a positive way. Sometimes the blues hit me. My daughter discerns it immediately (via phone talks), without my saying anything. Then she gets into mother protective stance, and won’t let till she finds out the cause.

I do thank God every day for my children. They are the bright stars in my existence.

My loving sweethearts, my own
Thank you for being there for me

What would I have done, if you were not there
You are the Heaven, the stars for me

I wish you long life and happiness
Joy, good health for your future to be

I’ll Like You for Always


Children are so innocent. They are like Angels. Sorrowfully the world we live in, deprives our children of innocence way too soon. Personally I feel deep regret and sadness over it. Movies, TV, magazines and games all have contributed towards it.

Yesterday I was sitting reading a book when my youngest grandson rushed in. A comforter trailed behind him. He threw himself to the ground and covered himself with the comforter. I was intrigued as to what he did. I asked him, “What are you doing on the floor Sweetheart?”

I was amused when I found out. He was hiding from his elder brother. His reasoning was that “S” will think that the comforter was left on the carpet.😇