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After Son got divorced from his wife, he went on a shopping binge. He was depressed at the turn his life took. Suddenly he had no money, deep in debts (his ex had carefully planned it, while she was plotting for divorce), no home (that he left to his children, and ex), she got the custody of children, plus all his pay went into paying support. While his debts mounted, his tax return spiraled up since he was single again. Son was in deep misery.

Then he came, and got me to live, and take care of him. I went into despair of my own at the turn his life took. It was totally unexpected. I had to literally pull him from the deep dungeon of sorrow where he was buried, plus keep my own sanity. I aged overnight, and started looking a scarecrow.

Both of us have come a long way from 2015, when it happened. Son would go out, and buy things which he didn’t really need. It was a time when he had to budget carefully, and he was going the opposite way. He was getting mired in more debt, and had stopped caring at what would be the end of it.

He would buy, and I would think of ways to return the items he bought. Thankfully we both try to curtail our spending. I point out when he tries to buy something which is totally unnecessary. He does the same with me. Yesterday I got enamored at a shop with two covered small dishes– one of my weakness is buying crockery I don’t really need, and thought my life would be over if I didn’t get them. Before that I fell in love with a Bonsai plant in another shop. I’m feeling nostalgic, remembering the plant.

I didn’t buy the aforementioned things, cause Son pointed out the futility in case of the dishes as we don’t have any cupboard space in our tiny kitchen. I already have plants which need caring, and are going to get neglected, cause of my absence when I go to visit my daughter. Why subject another one to negligence?

I got the idea, but am getting pangs of heartache at not buying that beautiful bonsai. It would have certainly brightened my world.



Son, and I had been living here for months, but didn’t get time to go visit the Atlantic Ocean which is practically at our door steps. The seagulls swoop, and fly through the area where we live. Finding time was a necessity to go look at the ocean.

Then March was coming to an end, and both Son, and I had not filed our tax returns. The time was running out like time, and tide waits for no man. Mine was easier, while Son had to go through a lot more, so he decided to get it done from Houston. I got mine done at the local H&R Block, although I had mislaid some documents, but the chap doing mine had to contact the Houston office on my behalf.

Anyway coming back to seeing the ocean, it did happen.Son asked, “Want to see the ocean?” It was right beside the H&R Block. I breathed the sea air, and looked at the horizon finally.


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