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My will to resist sugary things have long ago crumbled. I’m like a famished person who hasn’t eaten for a while. As soon as I see a table laden with all the goodies I crave, I make a beeline for it. In those moments I forget the promises in all sincerity I made to myself– my plate gets laden, and it gets attacked like there is no tomorrow.

I have seen people like myself. I used to wonder why can’t they avoid sugary delights? Since I find myself doing the same thing, I can no longer blame them having a penchant for desserts. 

The more I try to avoid — the more it gets thrown right in front of me. My daughter arrived yesterday for a few days visit. The box of tea bags had finished. Instead of getting a chair to retrieve a new box of tea stored on the upper shelf in the pantry I asked daughter (was standing nearby) to get one down for me. She remarked that I had quite a few vermicelli packets stored on the shelf. In short I made the dish . 

I had more than I should have eaten.   

The left over dish:



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